At Sleep Healthy PA, we use state-of-the-art dental and sleep apnea related technology to provide you with excellent care. By using advanced technology, we can ensure that your treatment is of the highest quality as well as being faster, more comfortable and minimally invasive. Our dentist and team are committed to providing Philadelphia area patients with effective treatments that will help you manage your sleep apnea and improve your health and quality of life.

Cone Beam Imaging

Cone beam 3D technology is an imaging system that provides our dentist and team with a three-dimensional image of your teeth, mouth, jaw, neck, ears, nose and throat. This makes it an ideal imaging technology for diagnosing and treating sleep apnea. Using the images captured by this scanner, we can view your head and neck as a comprehensive whole and determine how severe your sleep apnea is and whether or not oral appliance therapy is a good option for you.

Digital Impressions

Dr. Andrew Cohen uses digital impression technology when creating your oral appliances. Digital impressions eliminate the mess, goop and discomfort of traditional impression methods to provide you with a faster, more precise and more comfortable imaging process as well as an impression that is highly accurate. Digital impressions are also much less invasive and are especially beneficial to those who gag easily. By using digital impressions, we can ensure that your oral appliance is perfectly fitted to your mouth and will provide you with excellent results.

To learn more about cone beam imaging, digital impressions and other dental technology in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, contact us today at 215-572-7566. We look forward to meeting you soon!